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From setting up your business and finding your first client to scaling into a multi-person operation, if it has anything to do with freelancing I’m talking about it! I share the best tips, tricks, and resources that I’ve found on my freelancing journey.

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Being a mother is simultaneously the most rewarding and most difficult job there is. We could all use a little support. I offer actionable advice about what I’ve found useful while raising two small children and building a business from home.

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hey there, I'm Erin!

In 2014, I faced a crossroad. I could return to my corporate job after the birth of my daughter or try my hand at freelancing. You can probably guess that I chose to freelance!

Since then I’ve built a part-time business specializing in content creation, social media marketing, and virtual assistant services. I did all this while working from home and being the primary caretaker of my three-year-old daughter and newborn son. More About Erin...